Video Crusher | Get BUYERS In 45 Seconds – Really?

Video Crusher is another product of Billy Darr. Darr give us good products that help us make sales. However, Video Crusher does not live up to my expectations.

Videocrusher Landing Page



The promise on the sales page is to attract buyers in 45 seconds. The operation is simple

How to attract buyer?

  1. Connect to the platform
  2. Press GO

Video Crusher Scam

In reality, you will need to do more than just press GO. The platform is simply a video sharing tool. To have results, you will need to create a video. There is an instant creation option, but in fact you add images and the system will make a video by showing the images back to back, which is useless.

On the Warrior tab more … well … I let you judge the content by yourself…

Video Crusher bug

For the JVZoo Top Seller tab, you will find the same items you could have on other platforms or simply by going to the JVZoo website.

Keywords research

You have access to a Keyword Research app. But the only thing this feature does, is to tell you what the competition is with that keyword. Again, this is not very useful and other software give you more info.


Video crusher review

Honestly, this platform is not very useful (unless you do not know how to connect to your YouTube account 🙂 ). Is you want something to help you to publish videos on Youtube, you can try Magic Video Fx instead.