Sell online : the success way

You find the right product to promote. Great!
You thing honnestly this product is awesone. Wonderful!
You want to convinct people to buy it. Good luck!

To have success in the affiliate Marketing and sell online, you need more then good intentions.  Even if the product you have chosen is great, you have to convince people that this is the product you need. Easier said than done. People are constantly solicited from all sides and receive several offers every day, so why should they trust you more than another?

Sell online : the success way 1

Before taking out their credit card, people wait on average 6 to 8 times for you to contact them or see and review your product before taking action.For best results, here are some tips:

1. Do not just sell

It is important to build a bond of trust with your audience. If the only emails you send are products for sale, your contacts will quickly unsubscribe from your mailing list. This list is valuable, it must be used correctly. Otherwise, you may end up quickly without contact. In the courtesy emails, give tips, talk about a book that inspired you, give news about your industry, but do not sell anything. I advise the ratio of 1 of 3, ie a product email for sale and two courtesy emails. Although this recipe takes time and effort, your return will be much greater.

2. I do not want to know it, I want to see it

You will be able to write a full page on your product, people do not just want to read what your product does, they want to see it. In an era with a crazy lifestyle, people do not have time to read. If you have a video that shows concretely what the product will do, your conversion rate will be much greater. No need to be a videographer to make a beautiful video, there are now applications that will help you make professional sales videos.

3. Bonus, bonus, bonus

You are not the only person selling this product. So why should one person do it with you rather than another? The bonuses! Offer more than just a product. JVZoo and Clickbank offer the opportunity to offer bonuses to your affiliate product. If you offer nothing more, your competitor who offers bonuses will make the sale. You can easily find bonuses to offer to your customers.

4. A sales page … that sells

This is the central element of your offer. You must have a page that inspires confidence, that has a professional look and that will encourage people to place an order. The people who create the products usually make sales pages that you can use. In the majority of cases, you would have nothing to do. Unfortunately, the bonuses you offer will not be on the sales page. Through this app, I can easily make professional sales pages and add bonuses to the page. They even offer the bonuses, no need to search for additional products, the app will do the heavy work for you.

Sell online : the success way 2

There is no a miraculous recipe. It’s up to you to take the ingredients and create your own cake. Once you have the right recipe, use it for a while and try something else. If you always do the same thing, you will be taken aback when your way of doing things will not work anymore.