MyIMuniversity – Sell DFY Training

Sell DFY Trainings

I often saw in my email marketing to get MyIMuniversity. The concept is interesting, but I hesitated. Then I decided to get this affiliate product to test it and see its possibilities to make money from home. Create Training to sell it on web site like Udemy or Teachable is a good way to have a passive income. But it take time to create it and if you are not too much familiar with the web creation, you can be discouraged. But if you use a DFY Course (Done For You) application, it will be muche easier

What is My IMUniversity?

My IMUniversity is a free software on the JVZoo portal. What they propose is to sell already designed trainings. The sale page indicates that there are 20 trainings, 300 HD videos with sales tunnels. We are promised that we can start selling online trainings in 7 minutes. One of its big advantages is not to pay monthly fees. In addition, we keep 100% of the profits from our sales.

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How My IMuniversity work?

The software

The platform is easy to use. Even people a little less techno will get to set up their training portal. The basic license will give you access to 20 courses. However, you will not have access to a custom domain name or blog options. Which becomes practically an obligation, otherwise you will have in your sales pages “No blog to create” (which is not very professional). You will not have access to the sales tunnels either.

The upsale

So if you want to have a more professional version, you will have to pay an additional $ 37. Even if these are unexpected costs, it is advisable to buy them (especially since it is not very expensive). If you want to have articles already written (done-for-you articles) and 20 additional templates with a backlink indexing, you will have to pay $ 47 (or $ 67 for the commercial version). They offer a 14-day free trial of all functions.

MyIMuniversity features

My IMuniversity Good ou SCAM?

Basically, the software is a good product. However, some options are missing to make it really functional. So far, in my sales tunnel, if a person requests to have the free report, they will never receive their report. Also the pdf report has plenty of “Add your link here”. We are told every week that this option will be settled next week, until we answer that it will be settled the following week … The technical support is not optimal and we answer vaguely our questions.

Training, even if they indicate HD, is not of high quality. By default the videos are in low resolution, they are compressed and it is difficult to read the texts written in the video.   You need to manually choose 720p on each videos. Some person will to take time to check that and think the videos are not good. This may have several claims for refunds following your sales. However, the content is interesting, professional and your customers will find these courses interesting.

The bonuses offered … are up to the bonuses found on other applications 🙂 The regulars will understand that they  bonuses are habitually without great interest, although some are all the same useful. but do not rely on these free apps to bring you results.

We buy it or not?

I have mixed feelings. If the problems are solved and they offer videos in HD, I would say yes it’s worth it. But it must be done quickly, because more people will sell these trainings, more buyers will realize that they already have to buy the same training and will ask for a refund. If you are ready to act quickly, I would say yes we buy.