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How To Promote JVZoo Products

I’m going to show you how to promote products on Jvzoo. And I’m going to walk you through on my computer right here. Not only how to do this but also how to find the best products on Jvzoo so you can start selling them. So, here in front of my computer, I’m going to be showing you how to promote products on JVZoo. Now JVZoo… I’m sure you’re aware of it. But JVZoo is a affiliate platform where a lot of people host products in the business opportunity space. Specifically and mostly in the make money online space. So, it’s a great place to find little software’s or products or PLRs or all these sort of stuff that can help you increase your conversion rates and help you figure out an online business. And also sell those products as an affiliate. So, I kind of liken it. A little bit to like an MLM because it’s like a lot of the products teach you how to make money online and they also ask you to promote them as well but it’s all chill it’s not MLM, it’s cool.

So, here we are on JVZoo sweb site. That’s what it looks like JVZoo. That’s their logo. And you can see right here it’s free to sign up for us. So, you just sign up right here and yeah, that’s free. Or click this button or this button or whatever. There’s a billion buttons. So, once you’re in the dashboard, you’ll see your dashboard right here and again, it’s very much built around. A lot of the people that use JVZoo are both selling little digital products or software’s or tools. And they’re also buying digital products and software’s and tools. Because as I said… And that’s why you have your… In the main dashboard, you have your sellers.

You know, the amount of money you make as selling products. And they also have the amount of money you make as an affiliate selling other people’s products. So, it’s a big marketplace. Again, there’s both sides of the equation. But let’s find out how to promote products. So, if you want to promote products, what you do is you go under this affiliates tab right here and you will click that and you will click find products, okay? Which is highlighted right there to find products. So, you’ll click that. It’s going to space and loading. And there are a bunch of products here. I mean, I don’t know how many products there are here. It’s 25 products.

And let’s just see how many products there are. There are 2,500 pages of 25 products. That means there’s over a 125,000 different products you can promote as an affiliate. That’s absolutely insane. So, how do you find the best products to promote? That’s the first step. So, let’s go back here. Now, what you can do is as you see, I have it sorted by the products that have sold the most, okay? And you’ll see the top products here have sold. You know, 113,000 of this product. This pro themes product have sold right here. But again, the problem is if we look under launch date, you’ll see the launch date of this product was 2014. That is not good. Because things change very often in the internet. If you want to be selling somebody a good product, generally it’s got to be pretty up-to-date. That’s one of the reasons… You know, I teach people affiliate marketing. That’s one of the things I do. And I always update my course. You know, I do major overhauls every single year.

I do updates every couple months. But the point being, you want to sell a product that’s recent if you’re going to sell a product at all. So, what we can do is we can sort by launch date right here. So, I just click that and it’s going to space and back. But the problem here is now you get a lot of products that are in pre-launch. So, you see these haven’t actually been released yet.

Maybe they’ll have released at the time of this video. But something hasn’t launched yet, you don’t know how well it’s going to sell. You know, one of the main tenants of affiliate marketing or just marketing in general is you want to sell what is selling well, okay? You don’t want to be a pioneer. Pioneering don’t pay. You want to be… You know, the people who made the most money out of the gold rush. Where the people came in later and started banks and Levi’s jeans and all that stuff. You want to start a McDonald’s. You know, McDonald’s sells well there’s McDonald’s in every city yet consistently. People won’t put McDonald’s make the most money.

So, we could scroll down here. And let’s let’s go to page 3. And we start getting some products that have sold 3,000 units, 3,000 units. And we can also see this has 17% conversion rate. That’s a good conversion rate. That means roughly 1 out of every I don’t know the numbers. 17? One out of every 7 people who comes across this page ends up buying. You know, on average you make about $50 Commission. Or your EPC is about $8 per click. So, these are good numbers, okay? If you make $8 for every click you sent or you make $50 for a sale, it means you only really have to sell 2 of that product and you’re doing all right for the day. You make $100 a day, that’s $3,000 a month.

And what we also see here is it has a low refund rate 2% refund rate. So, we’re covering our bases and we see, “Okay, it as low refund rate.” Low refund rate in this space is anything below 10%. That’s good. And we also see that you know you can make a significant amount of commission from it. Now, in order to promote a product… And this is being sold by Joshua Zamora. We can click on this and learn more about it. And we can see it asks us to request permission in order to sell this. In order to get an affiliate link, we have to request permission and we say, you know, “This is a demo for my… (I’ll just say for my YouTube channel.) What’s up?” Say, I am NOT a robot. Request affiliate approval. And if you want, you can search more information on the person that’s selling this. You know, you can see, okay they’ve done a lot of different products and contact them.

Even here you could probably just search the name of Facebook. But then I’m just going to request approval. Okay? It says, now it says, “Pending approval.” So, I would just kind of wait You know, it might take a day it might take a couple days for them to actually get back to me and approve my request. What… We can also see is they say additional affiliate information here. And it shows visit JoshuaZamora.comsendio to get all the tools you need for a great promotion. So, to promote the product, I would want to go to the tools page. Copy this or just go to that site. And I would a lot of the JV documents that means joint venture partner. And joint venture partner in this space. That’s what JVZoo stands for.

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Means that you are sort of partnering with the person to sell the product. Here we have. We have a logo. It says, “Launch runs from this state to this state.” And you have all of the materials on this. So, we can say the JV page. Let’s open that up. Attention: Agency ads… To the first and only… So, this is explained to us what the actual product is. And it looks like there’s a video of Josh explaining you know, what, how this helps people out. Now, we see autoresponder. It combines email text Facebook messenger in one central dashboard. So, that’s what the product is. And again, a lot of the products in JVZoo are really directed specifically towards marketers. You know, so this might be a useful product for me because I send people emails. I send people text messages and I send people Facebook messages. And it’s cumbersome because I have to go to three different places to send people these messages. And the fact that it’s in one central dashboard, that that’s a useful thing.

So, if we scroll down here if an updates list. You can request approval. And on the JV page, he’s showing what other people are… What other people have you know, have promoted him. It’s kind of like social proof. In this space, a lot of these people are well-known names in the… You know, these are these are well-known marketers. Todd Gross, Ben Murray, Jono Armstrong. And the reason why people post these up is because it’s you know it’s kind of like, “Look, if Tony Robbins approves of what I do… Or if you know, somebody like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk or… That’s a that’s a big deal. So, let’s go back. What we’re looking for is seen… Well, this is interesting.

We see a lot of… There a lot of prizes here. That’s nice. Here we go. So, this is what we want. So, the main way that JVZoo products are promoted is through emails. Okay, it’s through… Its through sending an email to your audience. If you don’t have an audience, that if… That has subscribed to your email list, to request information from you, you’re at a major disadvantage with JVZoo. Most of the top guys that are in JVZoo, they all have email lists. Almost everybody here has an email list of people who have subscribed and trust them. So, email is going to be your main way to really do well on JVZoo. And you see these are the… These are the emails that you would you would put in. Simply if you were… What you can do is if you have just friends or family, you could surely send them an email and copy paste this message into your email and send it to them.

But that again, your your friends and family might have no idea what an autoresponder is. Do they have a bunch of different emails that you can send to people to promote his product. These are emails you can send and then these are emails you can send. And what this means is before they end the promotion which is ending at the time I’m shooting this video. The promotion is actually ending today as I’m shooting this, it is February 26th. You would send the emails in the closing sequence, okay? You’d send this 12 hours beforehand, 6 hours beforehand and 90 minutes beforehand to really build up that urgency and scarcity, you can to get people to buy the product. Now, if you want to talk to the buyer, this product seller more which in this case is Joshua Zamora, he gives you his personal Facebook and his Skype to talk to him.

And if you have any questions about advertising or promoting his product. Now, another way to promote JVZoo as I said, if you notice… And generally speaking, you can notice how to promote a product by what swipes are available on the JV page. Or the affiliate page. They’re only giving out emails as their swipes. That means they’re really, that means Joshua Zamora is really only expecting people to send emails to promote his product. Now, if you look on a JV page like mine for instance, you’ll notice I give for my product the super affiliate system which is on Clickbank. You’ll notice I give emails out. But I also give product back and stuff out, Facebook ads out, YouTube ads out.

Etc. Because people sell my product on all of these different mediums. The other sort of unspoken way to make money with… To promote jvzoo products. Obviously this appears to be the main way. But the unspoken way is on doing review blogs, okay? Or a vlog. So, if we google this. if we take sSndio, you do copy? And we open up Google. And we type in Sendio review. What we will see is there are a lot of people also advertising a review of the product. There’s an ad, there’s an ad, there’s an ad for the review. And you’ll also see this. People are doing YouTube reviews of the product review, review ,review.

And let’s look at Jono Armstrong’s review. So, Jono Armstrong is a is another really good marketer. And he does a lot of interesting stuff what I call cold traffic methods. So, let’s check this out. So, he’s doing a video review and he’s reviewing this product and he’s going through how sin do works, okay? And he’s going to walk people through kind of how to use it. Now, the reason he does this is to provide extra value so he can make basically from people who buy from his video. They say okay, “This seems interesting.” And also Jonah Armstrong has bonuses. If you buy sin do from his affiliate lin,k see yo?You will get additional bonuses. Those are a couple ways to promote a jvzoo products is you could do emails if you have an email list. Which is a very straightforward way. You just open up your email and you put those emails and butt reviews are za really good way to get people if you don’t have an email list. And as you see, it’s not very complicated.

He shot a review using you know some video screen capture Software and he is a same screen capture software I’m probably using called Camtasia. And he’s offering additional special bonuses to help people buy. Now, one additional place if you’re looking for a better place than jvzoo to find products. A site kind of a site I would recommend is called MunchEyes so we see that right here MunchEye. And this has all of the internet marketing launches. And as you see, you can see all of the different launches that are happening each day. So, if you wanted to build reviews or if you wanted to you know, to do this review, he had to shoot it in advance. So, if you want to figure out what’s launching so you could do a video review of the product or a or a you know a blog review of it. You can just simply find out by going to MunchEye. Cool. So I hope that helps you learn about how to… Sorry, I’m eating this chocolate, it’s amazing. Mmm.

So, hope that shows you how to promote JVZoo products. Now, if you want to learn more about internet marketing and ways you can advertise or promote products, I recommend you go to my channel or you just click the subscribe button. When you subscribe, you will get a free internet affiliate marketing course. That’s what I do, I sell other people’s products and I make a commission from doing so. And I teach you how I do that. And have made millions of dollars. I currently make about half a million per month right now selling… You know, as a marketer. So, you can check that out right here. Also leave a comment if you have any questions about this or… And like this video if you got some value from it. Looking forward to seeing you promote and make some money..

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