How to Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website Clickbank Products Without Website. how to promote clickbank products without a website clickbank products without website. How to Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website Clickbank Products Without Website. htmlIMG 5edae1b901482

How to Promote Clickbank Products Without A Website Clickbank Products Without Website.

hi everybody welcomes to my youtube
channel in this video today I want to show you how to promote a particular
Clickbank product without a website and with a free traffic that I’m
going to reveal to you that how to build your own list and how to send them out to
those days with everything is going to be free so if I just new to these
channels are likely to subscribe click the new trembles so that anytime I
release a new video you get notified so without any further ado lets me show you
the audience that I’m going to promote hum the products hunter I’m going to
promote so I want to promote particular products to these people that comments
on this page unlike this bitch so a lot of attractions so I’m going to promote
itself hip through dog from a Clickbank so I will walk you through step-by-step
on how to build those traffic’s and how to take that product and how what to do
to get that link deliver in Julia now box so don’t skip any part of this
video because if you skip any part of this video you are missing something
make sure that you watched you the hint because I’m going to give you a
particular template email template that I’m using to get those people click on
the links so so let me jump in so it will bound marketplace so I’m here on a
Clickbank marketplace I have already sought a product and find
a product that I want to promote is numerology readings is a free numerology
readings where you can’t so this product pee-yew initial sales of $8.75 and
you can’t hold your hand into tasks to beat a rebuilds and light recurrent
incomes also reveals from these products also they have some have sales also as
you see T so I’m going to show you this product don’t hang out before so
confidently van markedness and start promoting these products you have to
send a request to them his face I will show you my own emails so they would
reply you so let me show you if you come here now to click these products now
this is what happened they will tell you that this vendors require I athletes to
be free half of defaulting eligible to and
Commission promoting the products so you need to apply for it yes what you need
to do is come here to this landing page here and apply for it so let me show you
where you can come or you can come get it here and click here open it in
another tab so that you can apply for it it’s very very simple going to as you
have already applied for this products that is what they showing me like this
so your homes will be showing you another thing
so I get approached by by defenders of this product so so I am now have my own
internet link that icons from start promoting this product so I will show
you this is the heroes that I resumed my colleges readings so this is the emails
and send my own Eugene explained hand pass what way I
can use on login so this is there half a emails of
templates that and used so in this video we are going
to use their mouths off template so how did we quince to get the traffic that we
are going to promote this product so in in my previous video I show you how to
build an email list with a cool grouped so this is what in that video
I didn’t show you guys how to hat and he most least I had two members to this too
so today I have my own as you can see is yeah I have my own group that I created
so I need to have people note so I have another template here that I’m going to
show you guys this template is this is the message that it’s going to send to
people when she automatically had them so I put my heart let’s link here so let
me see with a high receive message of that type here because I hurt myself
when I first let me check so guys how to kind of see
it yeah let me check my spam folder but I will
catch the emo so guys as I can see it yeah I have my
own deliver into it spam folder the reasons why it going to this folder is I
had to drop this so that is the reasons why is going to a spam folder so if
somebody come here now click this link now it will sense the peasants – and of
a bitch if the peasants now put it the name handbells
and click signing up by jobs then I will be getting $10 from this so that is how
heat the Dalek walk so let me show you how to heart members and how to okay I’m
going to remove this yeah so I remove that and I don’t think I want you to do
is I’ll come here this is the two that I used to get extracted people’s from this
page Facebook page the law of attractions so I then downloaded wish I
have it here so I’ll now copy this email you can only happen email pass on it so
I will copy then on this email now I’ll copy ten of this email now and go
back to the group and put them here so let me have my own here are hundreds so
that you see that how we received it in my inbox dramatically Harding so guys have my own involved here so I’m
going to show you how the hemo is going to look like if I automatically had
people to this group so let me click heart and see watch what happened I will
click heart so it’s tell me that some schema others
cannot be added to this group because be accounts are disabled or a block from
Coco groups so this is the Hema that cannot be hot
hotmail so I will remove it three very white so I’ll click continue
I think I’m not a robot to continue then our heart those people did so as I can’t
see it here these people have been hired to do the crooks
if you click if I click here now I will see the number of people I had and the
number of people that are already half I’ve already there in that the reasons
why I am getting the people that have already been in the crudest that that I
don’t remove the duplicate from this email when I download it so that is
normal one thing you need to check so I can’t hurts more emails more members
here using the emails I extracts from Facebook’s so that is how it worked so
that is how you can’t have people so the next thing is for me to show you how you
can start promoting these products ok let me check my email box where the hive
gets the email from from the grouped and show you how we would look like so as I can see the reasons why my aunt
was get was get was get into a spam folder I was getting to a spam folders
was that name so in general if you put more heart related links so you get a
burn house and as you can see it yeah as you can see it automatically had this
number or this this amount to it groups so has let me just imagine that I send
this automatically email somebody’s wants to know more about this group
honey click this button you take the peasants to this page and a person fill
out the form and buy something from there and I get $10 automatically into
my Clickbank account so guys that’s how it works so let me show you how you can
start promoting productive and product with this so I
will call box I will go back from here
so what I need to do now is for me to greeting emails that I’m going to send
to all the members of that group is for me to click new then I click new this
will be the email subject line so which I’m going to put email subject lines
here which I’m going to put so here you can choose the person that is posing so
now here is this lots of attractions will be happy has a person that is
posing it so now I need to kiss the him a subject line so this is what what
happens how kutiman athlete pitched here so I have a email swap template that
already customized so what I would do I use it now to promote this product so
they have so many about they are so many customized email template that I can’t
use so I will look for the ones that is more that’s very good for me as gift
from your future self shot so I can use this subject land here and sometimes see
a gift from future so if I’m using a real hero that I’m exporting my lid to I
can use this and it automatically puts the person’s face name here so in this
particular case is not going to happy so what I need to run to only copy the
subject line comes here so our place hits here let me
because capitalize it so that I wanted to look more real so here will be the body of the message you
can’t foot hitting he mentioned everything’s so this is what I wants to
do here I’ll come back I will go back to the email swap template that they give
me here then I will copy everything yeah then I don’t know what to put then I
copy it here I come back here and paste everything so so I need to customize
everything so here will be my this will be my heart reading on that place so go
back to bitly already shut-ins manling so I will copy it here I’ll come
back to the group and put my own heart fletchling there so I’m
going to I’m going to put in set it as a link so I’m going to put what is going
to our piace open yeah then I’ll click ok then I will make it a
little bow that is located so I’ll go up again so I’ll put it 2020 so so guys
this is how I put my own I put a little link you know only one place so now this
is what I would do when how to customizing Hadees
so I come here and click post so if I click post now all the members
on my group will receive that email now so if I could to mind to email here so I
have the promotion I’ve not received in emerge it so I need to wait for some
time and see then I will also check check a spam folder edah if I get it on
as harmful that then I will look forward to remove it so let me check here it is
I catch it on a spam folder so I need to do something to remove this so for you
to remove this make it not go into a spam folder if this is what you do this
is what you do okay some of this email could spam folder so
everybody’s that in this Chris in a spam folder so this is what how we
do I need to dress if you are using your landing page you will not go into an
spam folder and if you don’t have a landing page this is what we do come
here to the cocoa dot and create a new document file here great in your document file so this is
what I will do to bypass Iago come here I’ll go back to that email yeah
then so I will copy this again I’m come here I will paste everything here so I will piss everything here so this
yeah and customize someone getting here so I
will copy my littling also again come here to the document far and hide
everything here so when somebody come here this is what I will do output it as
a link yeah so now become a link so now here Lando I will also make it
also a link put my fletchling then this is fine now so what I will do I will
send people to yeah I’ll send people to this page so I’ll copy and do it as a sub heading make it center a little bit so after
that I will come here the shit then I will
get a shareable link here I’ll copy the knee I will copy the link here now then I’ll go back to my crib here this
this is what I would do I’ll copy exactly this one again I copy
it but this is what I would really advise is to do to create a landing page
so our lights this click here output okay I
need to go back here and get the Shara building again
copy come back to the group and paste it here and click ok now this links now
we’ll check the people to then I’ll go back to my spam folder this is what I’ll
get our copied a subject line and put it here then how they push so
let me see whether this will get delivered to the email box now so it’s still here on a spam folder so
maybe the reason why this is going to in spam folder so is there – it’s linked on
the description so let us go to the so I need to edit this and remove that email
so and it’s a edit change some setting so guys just bear with me I’m trying to
change the settings of this so that I can remove that spam message okay is
here now so I will remove it I’ll remove it and see what I can do so I said it now let me go backhand compost and copy this
particular message that ascends that time this email again copied let me copy
the first one move it and athletes playing here with a click banner
fletchling come back here I’ll post its day I’ll copy this up adding sub subject
line sorry then I’ll push it yeah then I will click first let me see where this
email you culture so lets me open it again I’m still having in my spam folder
so guys this is how it works in my next video I will see how I can’t remove this
time folder from my list so that is how heavy things are ups and another thing
the next video is coming so which I’m I’m going to show you guys how to use
how to use mass email extensions with this email that you extract and I also
have another video that I’m I’m editing is now that I’m going to show you a free
email how to respond us that you can’t use when you extract this email then you
upload it so make sure you subscribe to these channels and click the
notification girls so that you get n notifications on any new video that I’m
going to release so guys I’m signing out bye you

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