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How To Get More Leads And Sales Online Fast | Lead Generation Strategies

Yo, check it out, I’m about to show you how to get more leads and more sales online fast by implementing a very simple strategy. And yeah, this is a complete step-by-step guide, so let’s dive right into this. (dramatic music) Whaddup, whaddup, Zachary Babcock here, with Underdog Empowerment and yeah man, we’re gonna dive right into this, dude. So check it out man. The tools we’re gonna use, this is a brief overall strategy and what that entails is, we’re going to create a lead magnet, which is essentially something that you’re going to give away in exchange for an email address. So we’re gonna create that, and then we’re gonna set up an autoresponder series to follow up with these leads in our email service provider, that’s gonna lead to a sale, or lead to them becoming raving fans of yours.

And then we’re gonna cap, we’re gonna build the actual landing page on how we’re actually gonna capture these leads. And then I’m gonna show you exactly where to place these on your website, and how to drive traffic to these landing pages so that you can capture leads. So, the tools that I use for this, we’re gonna use Canva to create the lead magnet. We’re gonna use ConvertKit for your email service provider. If you already have an email service provider, cool! If you don’t, that’s the tool that I recommend. And we’re gonna use Leadpages to build out the landing page. Once again, if you don’t have a landing page builder, that’s what I recommend. If you already have one, awesome! I’m gonna link up all the tools that we’re gonna use in the description below, so you can go and review them when you’re ready for them.

Let’s dive straight into building a lead magnet. Now, there’s three types of lead magnets that you can build. Well there’s a bunch of them, actually. I’m just gonna go over three of ’em real quick. So one of ’em would be to give away like an eBook or a short guide in exchange for an email address. Now I wouldn’t recommend writing a humongous, long eBook, like a hundred and something page eBook because nowadays, people will want something like a quick hit, something that they can consume very quickly.

They don’t want it to slog through all of your lead magnets to read it, so give ’em something that you can offer a quick win and a short, maybe like a 30-page or less PDF file, that you’re gonna give in exchange for an email address. Another one that you could do is like a free video series that you host, on like a membership site area that they get access to once they give you the email. That’s another way that you could go about it. That works pretty well, and it has a lot of perceived value by saying it’s a course you’re gonna give ’em free access to. And finally, another one of my favorites is to offer an email course, where it’s, hey, you opt into my list, here’s the lead man, and I’m gonna show you how to get a specific result that they’re looking for in this series of emails, once you opt into my list. So it’s like a course within inside of a bunch of email series that you create in your autoresponder. So those are the three types of lead magnets that I just wanna quickly go over, there’s plenty more, but those work very well, they have for me at least.

And let’s go dive into actually how to create these lead magnets, so let’s jump on here on Canva, and I’m gonna show you how to quickly create one really fast that you’ll be able to put together. All right, this is, we are inside my Canva account. Now, what I’m gonna show you, the lead magnet I’m gonna show you how to create is the first one we discussed, which is an eBook or small guide that you’re gonna give away to your audience. Now, if you don’t wanna start out with Canva with something like that you could do, I would recommend going with the email course that you give inside of your email, so that you can cut down on cost. Canva’s like 10 bucks a month or so, I think, or $15 a month, somewhere around there. I’m gonna open up my guide that we currently have.

And what this is, this is the 24 Costly Email Marketing Mistakes, and I just wanna show you the cool things you can do in there. So these are images. This is just like the first page, this is like a 20 something page email guide. And it’s basically tellin’ a story right here, sharing why email marketing is so powerful. What it’s done for me and my business, and then I share 24 email marketing mistakes that I’ve made or that I have learned from other people and how to avoid them.

So, how you make this though, you first start off with the right file size, so I like to make my, there’s no right or wrong way, but I like to make mine 1198 by 920 pixels for the design. And that comes out really crisp whenever you download it to a PDF file size. And then for this, you can add backgrounds. You can add like this is a picture right here in the background, and so, it allows you to upload your photos and other, like the background, like the brick in here.

And then you can add text by simply coming on here and adding a text, and then you can change the font up here really quickly to whichever font that you like. You can change the color of the text. You can also change the size of it. If you wanna go even bigger, you could just type in the size that you want, you can align it obviously, to if you want it in the middle, if you want it going off to the side.

It does a lot of cool things with the text. So I’m gonna delete that because I don’t want that there. So you’d put in there and you can add images. They have a lot of free images here, so you can go to elements right here. And then when you’re in elements, you can search. I put email.

And then you can search email. And then you can even put a filter on there to make sure you’re getting free, ’cause it’ll say free right here if it’s free, some of ’em will cost. Like this is a premium one, it might cost like fifty cents or a dollar to get. Find some designs, you can throw it in there. Same thing I did with the stop sign.

And then, you know, give your lead magnet a name, obviously. And your branding on there. I would direct people back to your website. It’s always a great place to hub, the hub for everything. And then give ’em a table of contents. So I’ve just got an introduction here. Then I had the Email Marketing Mistakes. And then I have a closing, and then, also I have a disclaimer. Obviously, you definitely have a disclaimer on yours. And so, in the introduction, what you wanna do, for me, what I like to do is I like to share my credibility of why people should listen to me on this topic. And then I like to tell a story, which also highlights the pain of having to figure this stuff out to get it to where I’m at right now, which is usually the same pain that your audience is going through and it helps them relate and then they wanna take action with you if they resonate with the message. And then you go into the content. And make sure your content’s good, you deliver on it. Here I’m giving email marketing mistakes that I’ve made or that I’ve learned from other people.

And then, when it makes sense, you can link to affiliate products that you use. I would highly recommend don’t just link in affiliate products if you don’t actually use ’em. And then you go through here. You could put the page numbers, I just put a square block there and then put the number eight there. It’s really easy to put this in there. As you see, it’s super, super simple to put together. And then I like to close it out with ways that people can get a hold of me. I mention the tools that we mentioned in here, which is ConvertKit and Leadpages, which is what I use and which you’ll see later on in this video.

It helps make this process a lot easier. And then, I also direct people back to my site in case they got this lead magnet without subscribing to my list and they wanna check out the email course. And then I also say, if you’re interested in podcasts, it’s what I do as well and I have a free podcast Roadmap, if you wanna check that out. And then a disclaimer, this is to disclaim that, you know, any results that you get or don’t get, I’m not responsible for and that I own the rights to this content right here. So, really simple, that’s how you put together a lead magnet. All right, now that you’ve got your lead magnet dialed in, the next thing up is to actually create an autoresponder series, which is your followup emails that is going to nurture your audience, and then also, it possibly leads them to a sale for them to take advantage of, after you nurture them through your email sequence.

So, what I like to use is ConvertKit. That’s my email service provider of choice. I’m gonna link that up in the description. It is super kick ass. I tried Mailchimp before when I didn’t even know what the heck I was doing. And then I got ClickFunnels for a while and that was just a headache, which I’m gonna get more into detail when we talk about Leadpages here. Let’s dive into ConvertKit. I’m gonna show you how to create an autoresponder series so that you can nurture your people and get ’em excited about you and your brand and eventually make a sale. All right, now once we’re in here in ConvertKit, you have your tabs up here, and if you go to sequences, you’ll see what I’m seein’ right now, and you can actually build a sequence where, when somebody joins a specific list, they go through a sequence and ConvertKit makes this extremely easy to do, especially with their automation tab.

So I’m gonna show you how to do this. Now we’re gonna go into a sequence that I have that we’re gettin’ ready to launch, which is the 24 Email Marketing Mistakes, to kinda go along with the lead magnet that we’re going here. So now that they opt-in for the 24 marketing mistakes, we’re gonna send them followup emails. Now what I did, is I actually had that PDF giveaway where it gives ’em the 24 Email Marketing Mistakes, and then I also give them an email mini course on email marketing, and I show you exactly everything you need to know about email marketing. So what I did here is, what you wanna do is, you have a series of emails. And as you see, I have 10 emails going over the course and I spread ’em out two days, sometimes even four days if there’s a lot in here.

What you wanna do in the first email is, you wanna quickly introduce yourself, build some rapport. Give them their download and then show them what to expect and mention any resources, where I mention ConvertKit here. And show them, you know, I say, hey, we’re gonna cover this, all this, how to, you know, three rules for email marketing, five strategies to grow your email list with quality subscribers, seven email lead magnets, how to write autoresponder series like we’re doing now, and all this, we go deep into this.

And so that’s what you wanna do in the first email, but kinda keep it short if you can, this is 688 words. And then you deliver each day. And you be very, the key here is to be very helpful in these emails to make sure that you are delivering, I hate the word value ’cause everybody uses it, but very benefit-rich emails that are gonna help your people actually get the result that they’re lookin’ for. And you do that, and then over the course of this, you can recommend products within here, affiliate products if that’s what you used to get that specific result. You can also be leading into a sale of your own products and services, and this is just a really great way to really connect with an audience and to get them to become a fan of you and to like your shit because you’re helping them.

And then so, after you get the email sequence set up, you can set it easily, you know, when to send, this one’s gonna go two days after the last email. So, this, we’re on the autoresponders, this is gonna go two days after the people get the seven lead magnets. What’s also cool what ConvertKit does, what I love about it is that these, if people click these links, I have it setup to where they get added a tag, so they click the lead page’s link, which means that I know that they at least took a look and they might be interested and I might wanna send ’em some followup content to engage them more about Leadpages later on.

So it makes it really cool for segmenting your list. Really easy interface to use, and then automations. This is the key here, this is really cool. So after you build out the sequence, you have to build out the form first. So you create a form, all right, and it’s really simple. This one right here, I actually used Leadpages, but you have to create a form inside of ConvertKit of where they’ll join, and you set this up. You just wanna give it a cool headline. I would recommend grabbing their first name, email address and then subscribe. And then you can set it up to where, which I would definitely recommend over here, where is when a visitor subscribes to the form, then it redirects to a page, a special page where I have, where I’m tellin’ ’em to actually confirm their email.

And then you also set it up right here. I would click this box send and send an email. This will be sent to new subscribers so that they can actually confirm their email address. Now that makes it a little bit harder for them to actually join your list, but it’s very smart because you don’t want just a bunch of people joining your list, like bots and shit, and just, you know, it makes it, you know, you click on this and write somethin’ really quick. This email will be sent and if you look at the contents, it’s really, really nothin’ much in here. It’s just like, hey, before I send the 24 Costly Email Marketing Mistakes, gotta make sure everything is right. Confirm your subscription. I’ll send you all the goods after you confirm. That way, if they take that extra step, you know they’re quality people and they’re probably gonna emails and be engaged with you. So I would definitely recommend to do that.

And then you can send them to a special page where you’re instructing them to, and then once they’re confirmed, you can send them to another page because when they click on that link, it has to send them somewhere. And then you click save. And then now you can embed this, you can either grab the JavaScript and put it on your website or the HTML, or you can just get the link to share it and send people directly there.

Boom, and there you have it. Now people can actually join your email list and then they will get sent if you connect it to the sequence, they’ll get sent. And how you connect it all is in automations. And this is a really easy tool to use. So we go to 24 Email Marketing Mistakes. You set the event here, the first event is, just click on it, is where they join this, all right? And that’s where that happens. So when they join that, then you can set an action. I’m gonna click back over here, and we’ll click on that. You can tag them with 24 Email Marketing Mistakes. Now they’re tagged with that.

And then when they get tagged, you can set the action to where they actually go through this sequence here. And then when they go through the sequence, here’s the actual sequence that they go through, and then when they actually go through it, then you can remove that tag, like I did here. And then you can hit ’em with a tag finished email marketing mistakes, and now you have that.

So if you wanna send followups to people in the future that have went through your email marketing course or whatnot, and you wanna send ’em additional stuff about email marketing, you might have a new product out or whatnot, you know these people have an interest in it, and then you can send it to ’em so it makes a really cool, really unique way about doin’ that, and this is why I recommend ConvertKit. All right, so technically you’re good, you don’t need a landing page tool builder. You don’t need that because you have ConvertKit and you built the form and so you’re good to go, you can actually send people directly to that form, you can capture the email there, it’ll be stored right in ConvertKit and then you’ll be able to send them the auto-responder series.

However, if you want to take it a step further, like I do when I recommend, I would recommend using an actual landing page tool builder to capture your leads, and the reason why? Well, it’s kinda a couple reasons why. One, it’s a cleaner design and it’s also a lot more capabilities, you can also do a lot more, which I’ll show you in just a moment, but most importantly you can get higher conversions by using a really nifty tool on Leadpages called the two-step opt-in, which I’ll show you what that is and I’ll also show you where to place this on your website so that you can get more conversions.

So let’s dive right into Leadpages. All right, when you’re inside of Leadpages, first off, the reason why I moved off of ClickFunnels to Leadpages because ClickFunnels was very limited in my opinion, I couldn’t do two-step opt-ins, which I’m getting ready to show you now what that looks like, and also, it doesn’t integrate very well with WordPress, so for my case, I need a WordPress website and I believe anybody building an audience, you do need a real website, and with ClickFunnels you can’t rank for SEO like you can here in Leadpages, you can actually rank your landing pages on an SEO on Google, and it’s a lot cleaner, crisper look and it integrates perfectly with WordPress and with ConvertKit. Another reason why I didn’t like ClickFunnels was because of the limitations as far as email goes. So, inside here, we have landing pages which you can build, which I suggest. We’re gonna go to email marketing mistakes, and inside here you can create a really beautiful design that works great.

I just quickly threw this together, but you can add an image, and you can edit it. They have widgets over here that you can add. You can add a headline like I do here, you can literally just drag it and place another one in there and then you can hit this and you can actually change the text if you need be. You can change the style if you want it to be super big, you can change the color of it, and so on, and you can change it to be bold or not bold, all that good stuff. And then, so how we would create a lead magnet is I would have an engaging headline, 24 Costly Email Marketing Mistakes, which that’s gonna rise feelings of maybe anxiety, like, oh my god, what is that? And maybe a desire to scratch the itch. They wanna know what those 24 costly email marketing mistakes are, so that they can avoid them.

And then also, And How to Get More Opens, Clicks, and Sales From Your Subscribers. And then I give a quick bonus, which I like to throw in there, “Download the 24 Costly Email Marketing Mistakes “and get instant access to my email marketing course.” And it shows them all the benefits of what they’re gonna get inside that course. And then a simple disclaimer, especially if you’re running ads on Facebook, let it know that it’s not Facebook site and then little contact button and all that. And this button here, this is part of a two-step opt-in. I’m gonna show you how it’s on my website, ’cause I use it on my website as well.

But what this does, instead of just having the email right here, they gotta click this ’cause they want the guide and when they click this, they’re saying yes. It gets them into a yes pattern. It’s something that they want, and then when they click that, then this will pop up, and they’re already in a yes pattern. They’ve already committed once and they want to get this. So I say, where do you want me to send this bad mamajama? And then simple as that. And so you can edit this itself by hitting edit integrations, and over here on the sidebar it’ll ask you integrations, choose where you want the data to go. This is my ConvertKit, and you click on that and you click the actual form that we created in ConvertKit, where that’s gonna go, so it knows which followup email sequence. It’s super easy to convert.

You just grab the API key on ConvertKit in your settings. You copy and paste it into Leadpages, then that’s it. It’s literally copy paste click, and you’re done. And then the fields, you can add new fields. I just like to grab the first name, the email address and you can decide whether it’s required, which you check that little box right here. And then the actions. I send them to an external URL, which is on my website where I’m taking them, first subscribing and tellin’ them to confirm their subscription. And then that’s it, and then you’d hit save and close. And then when you’re done, you’d hit update. But when you’re finished with it all, building it, and then you can click down here and click publish options. And what that’s gonna do, it’s gonna show you the domain, which you can connect your own domain in here. And then boom, you can connect. You can copy that actual link and then send that to people. And then WordPress, they have the WordPress plugin, which I’d recommend you could do.

Which is really cool, but I just capture this code and then I bring it onto my website. So let me show you what that looks like. But first, before we go to Leadpages, I’m gonna show you, so you had the landing page, which is cool, but you don’t wanna put that on your website. Let me show you an even cooler piece. You go here to conversion tools, and then you have this way to do the two-step opt-in. It makes it really clean and crisp for like little buttons on your website. So right now, I’m gonna show you the homepage above the fold. This is a different opt-in, but what it looks like, you can come in here and design it, just like we did with the page, but this is just a thing that pops up when somebody clicks the button on your website. And then you can, obviously, put in your headline. The reasons to subscribe, and then email thing, you click here just to subscribe.

Now I have the email stuff already right here, because this is, if they click a button, this is gonna pop up and then it’s gonna be right there for them. So let me show you… Let me show you exactly what this form looks like, how to use it on your website, the two-step opt-in form. All right, here we are on the website. This is probably gonna look different depending on when you see this video ’cause we’re doing a complete makeover, which is gonna be pretty dope. But one way is right here, above the fold, I have a little interesting thing, “I help Underdog entrepreneurs launch, grow “and monetize top shelf, passive income businesses “and personal brands, find out how here.” And they click on that, and voila. That same conversion tool that we created in Leadpages pops up, you see how quickly it popped up. There’s no drag time, real clean design. Works integrates perfectly with my WordPress site. And then, now they can opt into the email list and then they’ll be automatically sent through a sequence, a welcome sequence.

There you have those, that’s why Leadpages is pretty awesome. Now let me show you the cool places to put this on your website. Definitely on your website, you wanna have a way for people to opt-in above the fold, which means as soon as they land on the page, they don’t have to scroll anywhere like, ’cause you’ve heard the term bounce, right? You give ’em a reason to opt-in right out the gate, that’s a good place.

Another place would be in your footer, which is at the bottom of every single page. And you have that and boom, you have another way to opt-in right there. Another good place for people to opt-in on your website would be your about page. A lot of people don’t utilize this, and everybody wants to know about you, if they’re coming to check out your brand. So, you go through and you talk about yourself, how you got to where you’re at, you’re telling a story, probably where they’re at right now, and where they wanna be, and where you’re at right now. And then at the bottom, you can give ’em a good way to subscribe.

And then they hit that and boom, they join your email list. Another good place would be your start here page. This would be like for people that are new to your brand, or just gettin’ started out, and whatever that you do in your company or business, you are actually going to help them get some quick wins and show ’em where to start, and how to get going with whatever it is that you do. In my case, it’s how to build a passive income business. So I show ’em how to get started, some clear, quick wins. Some recommended tools that I use, and then at the bottom, I have The Best I Could Possible Give You Right Now. It’s the Join the Underdog report. Boom, opt-in, bam. That’s how easy that is.

Some more cool places to put this. So you could do it inside of a blog post, even. So let’s go here to the homepage. These are actually podcasts episodes. So here’s one I did with Neil Patel. And you can also put in a little form, right in between as a reading, it’s called a mid, in between mid post, for them to join and this works better if you can relate the contents specifically to the content that they’re already on. You can also have little buttons for them to actually join your email lists, right here, here’s another one. So inside a blog post as well. Those are some great places to start with placing these on your website. Now let’s talk about how to actually drive traffic. All right, now that you got your landing page built, your lead magnet built, your autoresponder email series hooked up ready to rock and roll, now, and you also got the lead page put all over your website for people to easily opt-in, now let’s talk about sending traffic, ’cause if you just have it sittin’ on your website, you’re probably gettin’ a lot of crickets if you’re not drivin’ a lot of traffic to your website.

So there’s a bunch of different ways to do this. Let’s talk about some organic strategies and maybe a paid advertising strategy as well. So, this isn’t all of ’em, but this is just some ways that you can get started. One is you can make a post on Facebook or on Instagram. If you’ve got the swipe up, you could link directly to it. But you can make a post on like Facebook and you could talk about what you’ve created and make it real short and sweet.

The benefit, it’s always gotta be about the benefit that the person is gonna get from getting that lead magnet and then you could say, hey, if you guys wanna check this out, let me know in the comments and I’ll link it up for you. And as people start, “Yeah, I want “your guide on email marketing.” Like cool, I just sent it to your inbox. And what that does by not just linking it in the post, for one, you don’t have it linked up in the actual post so it’s not killin’ your reach on Facebook. And for two, when people comment on there and you comment back, hey, I just sent it to your inbox, now you’re gettin’ more and more engagement. Every time you do that, it’s gettin’ pushed back up into the algorithm, so that’s a hack around that. And you get some people joining your email list right away. Another way that you could do it would be to do like I’m doing right now, and you could create a video on YouTube, rank it up and drive traffic to your video on YouTube, and then also mention it’s gonna be in the link in the description, like the email marketing guide.

It’s in the link in the description. If you wanna know about email marketing. That’s another way you could do it. You can create a podcast, if you’re podcasting and give out three of those 24 mistakes for an example. You could talk about three of ’em on the podcast, like hey guys, I got a complete guide on this. If you wanna check it out, you can go here. And I’m also gonna give ya a mini course on that. That’s another way to do it. There’s literally a ton of different ways. You could get creative on your social media channels, and those are organic strategies for growing your email list. And then, definitely you wanna get into paid advertising as soon as possible, if you’re not doing that yet already. The reason why, ’cause business isn’t really a business until you really start advertising.

You can’t just live off of referrals. Now it’s great, you wanna be able to get really good at your organic side and paid traffic side, and we’re gonna go deep on this in another video, but to keep it for this video, dude, find somebody that can run ads, run some content-based ads. People engage, you know, content that’s based around what the lead magnet would be, but you’re not offering it yet. And then people that engage with it a certain amount, you can retarget them and then you could send them some more possibly, and then eventually offer them to actually join your email list by getting this lead magnet.

And that would be a great strategy for paid advertising. If you thought this video was fire, man, hit me with a thumbs up. If you thought it sucked, hit it with a thumbs down. If there’s anything that you’re not understanding or would like some more clarity on, drop it in the comments below, I would love to engage with you and hopefully answer your questions or possibly even make videos in the future that’ll help you out. Make sure you hit subscribe to this channel if you want the number one resource for Underdog entrepreneurs to build a passive income business. And I’m gonna see you guys on the next video..

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