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Double Your CryptoTab Earnings ( new cryptobrowser for cryptotab )

I’m gonna show you how to double your speed using crypto Tab.

It is the most insane thing that I have seen. I couldn’t believe it it a little thought it was too good to be true. I’M telling tested it out by the way. Easiest for you is the only way that I’m currently advertising outside of my social media stuff and I’m currently working on getting.

You know output, a referral link down below in this video, but that’s basically what I’m using right now and I’m gon na be testing some banner soon and we tested some text ad soon. So that’s what I’m working on there are some good ways to be able to advertise if you’ve got a small advertising budget – and I may do a video talking about some of those in the future. If you want, if you’ve got a, you know a hundred dollars a month or fifty dollars a month or ten dollars a month, five dollars a month, you’ve got a small advertising budget. I mean I can definitely cover some strategies that you can use to be able to grow and part of me kind of wishes. I was doing that because I I get a little bit addicted to crypto tab, because I love the idea of mining cryptocurrencies, especially watching and be able to grow faster and faster and faster. I just believe in this technology in this space, if you love, if you’re passionate about cryptocurrencies you’d, want to always know how, to you know, buy more get more talk about the future.

I’m gonna show you I use crypto tab. If you don’t know what crypto tab is I’ll show you it’s a little browser extension, you just click on it. Well, once it’s added it’s easy to add it by the way, and I’m literally mining Bitcoin right now, with my browser extension and it’s awesome. On my Mac, Speed right here is 33 to 35 hash per Second., I’m gonna show you how to double that 36. I wouldn’t show you how to double that, and it is so simple to almost 70 and by the way, just those of you who’ve been following my progress here. So far, 356 referrals – I love looking at this number yet during the week this numbers a little bit higher. This is the number that matters most. How many are actually active.

I hit a high this past week of 85. I saw one time so that was awesome, and this is where so, when you refer people, one of the things that I talk about on my channel is getting more crypto tablet URLs. So when you refer people, obviously you make 15 % of their hashing power. It doesn’t take anything away from them. You just get credited for 15 % of what they do, 10 % of what they do. So people say. Oh you know if you use crypto tab, you’re mining Bitcoin, but you’re mining at a loss yeah. But when you get the referral commission, then you end up making far more with everybody else and you would make on your own.

Let’S see you can see right here, my affiliate earnings, my override or whatever you wan na call. It is higher than mine and that’s even when I doubled, I mean III tippecanoe, I’m mining it at double this, so this even with double hash power. So I’m going to show you in a moment how I double it, but right just to let you know if you want to know how to get curved a tab and I’m gon na put links down below this video. If you don’t know how to get crypto tab just copy this URL paste it in your your browser bar and you to come up. You just click install it’s super easy here.

Download get the crypto tab browser! That’S better! Now, crypto code tab will run as a Chrome extension. So if you in also wrote in Firefox a via Firefox Mozilla, you can just get the crypto tab browser. You know what it even run on your Android phones. By the way I’ve read it on my phone. It doesn’t go very fast. Video run on your phone as well. The browser, though this is this is like the money. So this is basically a criminal tab browser it’s. You know the interface is identical to Chrome, I mean identical. It’S just made to be a much lighter weight browser, but it is identical to Chrome and if you already have I’m going to tell you how to make certain that you can use this browser without losing your referrals, if you already have referrals. So if you’re new to crypto tab, you can just click right here. In fact, I’ll put the link to both just the creative tab add-on, as well as the browser. If you want to use the browser, but the browser is twice as fast. Let me show you this. First of all, let me come back to crypto 10. We turn it off. Let’S go to the browser.

I already got it right here. By the way you notice that browser looks almost identical, almost identical. I don’t know what that means. Some planning off – oh, I got it off done now. We had 35 low 30s 30 to 35 over there. Look at this look at that. Look at that. I’M recording this video. It’S not gon na go higher earlier. I had it 68 69 when I’m not recording a video even higher 68-69. I haven’t quite hit 70. Almost that’s crazy. Just for using this browser which, by the way is like identical to using Chrome. Is that so there’s really no reason to even you know, probably keep using Chrome. So it’s awesome. I will put the link down below by the way for crypto tab for the cryptic crypto browser, which is what I’m using now and I’ll, also put a link down below. And if you don’t wan na use the browser, you can still download crypto tab.

But the browser is far faster and I also put a link down there for easy hits for you if you’re looking for a low-cost way to promote, but I got ta be honest with you: it takes. You know it takes time to do it. A low-cost method. You got to surf ads and all that stuff which is easy. It’S doable and I think I’ve probably gotten to sign up or two from doing that or I wouldn’t be doing it, but I’m really looking for things that are going to be more effective. I’Ve got to get oh the withdraw processes change. You got to get 41 to a draw. Now that is every time I’ve tried to withdraw. Having less than 41,000 Satoshi now they’re, showing me that in fact they won’t let the withdrawal go through. I want to show you real quick. I don’t want to confuse you if you currently have crypto tab and you want to get the crypto browser and you don’t want to lose your referrals.

All you have to do is make certain that you first use crypto tab. If you haven’t come here, I don’t wan na go all the way down, because it will expose my email address and stuff, but scroll down and it’ll. Give you an a way to basically secure your account or log in, for you know you did get to act to get it connected to either Google or Facebook or Twitter or whatever. If you do that, then what will happen is when you download crypto browse the crypto browser tab, and you do that. You come down you’ll get to a place. I’Ve already got a new sign up by the way since I’ve been on here, you’ll get to a place down there. They will say sign in and when you sign in using the exact. If you use Facebook, then just use Facebook, when you sign in you’ll, have all your referrals everything will be intact until new referral came from. It’S not mine.

Oh it’s right here, a second level that was 2:38 a while ago bleed. So that’s always fun to look at it’s so fun because, like you just look at it and it’s you know you’ve constant, seeing that change and updated here’s a recommendation make certain that your referrals know to be using the crypto browser. I mean it doubles your earnings from crypto tab. If they just use the crypto browser, that’s it just use the browser, it looks identical, I’m not in Chrome. Right now I mean I’m using the crypto browser right there and it works identical. I mean it’s, it’s awesome. So all your extensions that you have in Chrome, everything will still load. In fact, it’ll give you the option just to load them all by default, and it just takes a mouse click and bam.

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