Affiliate Marketing Tips – How I made 6 Figures from ONE Affiliate Product.  Affiliate Marketing Tips – How I made 6 Figures from ONE Affiliate Product. 357 maxresdefault

Affiliate Marketing Tips – How I made 6 Figures from ONE Affiliate Product.

In this video, I’m gon na give you some KILLER affiliate marketing tips. I recently earned over $ 100,000 from one single affiliate product, so I’m gonna reveal what that product is.

I’m gonna give you some proof of my earnings and I’m gonna give you some killer tips, so you can do the same.My name is Liam James Kay, I’m currently on a mission to become a millionaire before the age of 30 and I’m using a YouTube channel to document my progress, but also share tips and tricks about entrepreneurship and marketing along the way.

So, back to this video yesterday I received an affiliate commission from one of the affiliate products I promote and I checked my total commissions and I realized I’ve actually been paid out over a hundred thousand dollars in the last ten months from this one single affiliate product. So far, I’m gonna record a video to reveal that product show you some proof, but also she has some killer tips and tricks. So you guys can do the same if you’re interested in affiliate marketing. So before I dive into it and show you proof and then explain some killer secrets behind how I’ve managed to do this, I want to let you know that I’m actually launching my own six-figure affiliate, bootcamp training and mentoring program, which is like nothing you’ve seen before.

If you’re interested in that and you’re interested in taking part in that, then just stay tuned until the end of the video and I’ll reveal everything. But it’s gon na be epic, but let’s get back into this, so I’m gon na show you this is my affiliate dashboard for the product which I’m promoting. As you can see here, paid I’ve been paid out, one hundred and six thousand nine hundred dollars and ninety two cents. Now I’m gonna refresh this page. Just so you know it’s not screenshot or anything like that and that’s just refreshed and, as you can see, one hundred six thousand nine hundred has been paid out in dollars just from this one single product and that’s my name up there. So the product is builder. All it’s a website builder and digital marketing platform, but I actually want to share with you now the reasons why I’ve been so successful with this and give you some tips and tricks.

So you can achieve the same and it doesn’t just have to be. With this same product, you can apply these tips to over affiliate products out there as well. So the first one is: you need to find a product that solves a problem, and that is a demand for because you can be an affiliate for almost any product. But you want to find a product. What he’s going to be able to sell and it’s not difficult to sell and the best way to do that is to look inward and look at what you’re using yourself now so are you signed up to any programs? Are you using any pieces of software if you’re sign up to an app on your phone, which helps you save money? They’Ve probably got an affiliate program, so maybe that is what you can promote, because it’s best to look at what you’re currently using if you’re purchasing something now you’ve bought something because then you can see straight away that there’s a demand for it and people buy it Because you boy are you signed up to it and also you’re, probably the best person to promote it, because you’ve got you bought and you know all about it.

So, for instance, we’ve builder all before I start promoting it as an affiliate. I actually signed up to it as a user. So then I was using that thought. This is a really good platform. I didn’t want to share it with people and I knew there’s a demand for it and I knew they solved a problem. So you really want to find something which solves a problem, but don’t worry if you’re looking at yourself. Nothing and I’ve not got any product, which I know that I’m using that I could potentially promote as an affiliate.

Then you start looking around just seeing what other people are promoting like what I’m promoting are what over affiliates are promoting, because, if they’re promoting something, then it obviously is solving a problem and it’s working for them and you’ll see people promoting loads of different things. So if you want to narrow it down – and you kind of feel a bit overwhelmed – you either want to promote the best place to start is promote the product which solves a problem, but it’s the cheapest option, because there’s a market for that some people haven’t got Money, but they still need the problem solving, so you want to promote the cheapest option in that market, or you want to go for the best, so either the cheapest are the best. If you start hitting products in the middle, whether a bit mid-range and they’re, not quite the best that it’s a lot harder to promote, so, for instance, builder odd, is the cheapest in in this market of like website sales funnel builders that kind of niche.

It’s one of the cheapest products and it’s got so much tools and value included. So I thought that solving a problem, because when people need to build sales, funnels or websites and things are – and they can’t afford all of these additional add-ons and these expensive products, then builder I’ll solves that problem. Some people promote clickfunnels, which is like the rival to build a role, and you could argue that clickfunnels is better. It’S the best sales funnel builder out there, because they just focus on one tool. They focus on being a sales funnel builder and it’s built by marketers and it’s the most expensive as well. So you’ve got two options that you either go for the the cheapest option or the best and you’ll be a lot more successful. If you choose one of them, when you’re starting out choosing products, the next tip, if you want to be successful with affiliate marketing and get like six figures and beyond, is first and foremost, you need to focus on one product, especially when you’re starting out do not.

Try and promote too many things at once and jump from thing to thing to thing. You want to stay focused in on one main product. You need to stay away from the short-term mindset and don’t just think about getting quick cash when you’re choosing a product to promote you need to choose something which you think’s got longevity, that you’re happy to promote every single day for at least a year and beyond, And then that is when you know, you’ve got a good product to promote and you still can’t have other products that you you recommending you promote, but they almost need to kind of complement that main product. So if you’ve got your main product, which is in a website builder, then you can start to recommend other things which are associated to that as well or whatever you’re deciding to promote so say, for instance, you’re, promoting a a fitness membership website. You could also you could mainly focus on promoting that start to build up some momentum of that, and then you can start to recommend like supplements or whatever, alongside that, to help like add more income coming in as well. But yes, stay focused on your warm product.

My next tip is focus on promoting membership based products, so products that I’ve got recurring commissions month after month after month. Honestly, they are the best way to get to six figures with affiliate marketing, because I’ve done a video about this previously I’ll explain it. If you are promoting a product where you’re just getting a one-time Commission, you will all, if you’re doing the same amount of work each month, your own, you ever gonna make the same amount of sales each month say you sell 10 products this month, you’re gon Na make the same arm on it. If you sell 10 products next month, you go in the same amount: Amana 10 products the next month, you’re gonna earn the same art I’m gonna. If you want to grow your income, you need to grow your workload and you need to actually sell more more and more accounts where, if you’re, promoting membership based products, so I’m selling builder all or something like that. If I get 10 people signed up in month 1, I earn a bit of money and then next month I say sign another 10 people.

So I’m doing the same matter work next month. That means I’ve then got 20 people signed up that I paying me monthly commissions and then in more free. I sign up only another 10. So I’m doing the exact same amount of work. That’S 30 people that pay me monthly commissions. So my my monthly income is set to compound and grow and then, after a year or 12 months, my monthly income is thousands of thousands of dollars and I’m still doing the same amount of work as I was in month, one. So that is why membership products other way forward and the best way to leverage your time and then what you can do is that money keeps coming in month after month and then you can start to say right. Well, I’ve got to this amount of money from this membership products. What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna focus on another membership product, and then you get that one going and then you put them both together and your income just continues to grow and grow and grow, and that is the way to do it.

And my next big tip is build a list, so traditionally speaking build a list just means building an email list of subscribers that are interested in whatever you’re promoting. So traditionally, what you would do is you would have your affiliate product or whatever you’re, promoting and before someone actually clips through to see that affiliate product, you actually ask them for an email address on the way, and then that means you’ve collected their email address and If they don’t purchase straightaway, you can start to retarget them and actually say: are you sure you don’t want to buy it sure you don’t want to buy an i Croesus sales and then what you can do is because you’ve still got their email address.

You can start to recommend other products to them as well later on, and that is a really good way of making money. But when I’m talking about building a list, I am talking about building a knee, but I also mean building like a following and a social media list as well, so building subscribers on your YouTube channel, building followers on Facebook and Instagram. All of that I treat almost like as building a list. So, for example, when I first joined builder, all I posted on social media was shared. My affiliate link, so I shared on YouTube shared on Facebook, share it on Instagram. I told people about it and yes, some people signed up straightaway, which was amazing, but quite a lot of people didn’t sign up because they didn’t really know about the platform. So if you actually view my social media, it’s almost like one big email list, because then I continue to post on my social media, providing value and sharing tips and tricks and then a little bit later on.

When I share another post about builder, all that audience has kind of been accustomed to it, they’ve heard about it, I’ve warmed them up and then there’s much more chance of them purchasing later on, and that is basically how it works. It’S building like a following of people, providing value to them and using it to share your affiliate product with them, and that works really really well. So, rather than just focusing on an email list, an email marketing which you can do – and I still do that as well – treat your social media as an email list or as a list and you’ll be super successful with it.

And my next big tip is offer bonuses so when you’re, promoting an affiliate product, there’s a lot of competition or this competition of other people promoting that product. So how do you give yourself the edge over those people and the easiest quickest way to do? That is just by offering some kind of bonuses, so, for example, if someone signs up under builder all under me, I give them some free training. I give them mentoring, I give them help and advice as a bonus just for them using my link. So if someone else is promoting builder, all and they’re just going sign up to this platform and they’re not offering any bonuses, if some person sees both for them, people they’re going to sign up with me, because I’m offering all of these bonuses – and that is as Simple as it is so, if you’re, promoting any affiliate products, just think about what you can offer, maybe it’s just a quick call with you, so you can talk through the platform or talk through the app or talk through the membership site or your your your promoting.

Affiliate Marketing Tips – How I made 6 Figures from ONE Affiliate Product.

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