10 websites to make money online for free in 2020 (no credit card required!)  10 websites to make money online for free in 2020 (no credit card required!) htmlIMG 5edaeb7bd8667

10 websites to make money online for free in 2020 (no credit card required!)

Ten websites to make money online in 2020 no credit card required.

Hey I’m J.R. Fisher. I’m gonna show you how you can make money online no credit card required. I had to do some real research for this because this needs to work anywhere in the world and for those of you who are not in the US or Canada the UK or Australia, there is a hack in here that I want to show you so that you can operate your business from anywhere in the world.

I want to talk about is a site called red bubble and we’re gonna go over to red bubble right now and I want to show you on my screen here and you can kind of see how it works and what we’re doing okay we’re over here at red bubble right now and I just logged into their site right here and you can see they have all kinds of really really cool stuff here so at red bubble what you’re going to be doing basically is you’re gonna be selling all types of products you can sell clothing will click on clothing heroes – hoodies and sweatshirts and you design it and all you do is pop blowed the design and red
bubble actually does the marketing so they’re bringing people to the site where people can buy these different products and let’s check out this one here and these are hoodies and what you do is
you select whatever design you have you uploaded and then once you upload and
they put it on one of these for you people come to the site buy these
products they when they buy them you get paid a particular commission so you’re
not actually packaging this you don’t actually buy it and get it to your house
all you do is put your product at red bubble and they pay you a commission now
there’s a couple things about red bubble I want to talk to you about real quick
so red bubble is gonna pay you either to a bank account or they’re gonna pay you
through PayPal now if you’re in some countries they’re not gonna offer that
payment to the bank in some other countries so depending on the country
then you live in red bubble does not allow payments to go to some of these
countries so you wouldn’t be ineligible but there is a hack to that in some
countries I know you can use PayPal but there’s a hack to that so that red
bubble what you can do is you can use a site called Payoneer let’s go over there
real quick okay so I’m at Payoneer right now it
says go beyond your passport to global growth basically what it is is you can
receive payments on Payoneer now what you’ll need to do is you’ll need to
integrate that with red bubble now the problem you’re gonna run into is that
red bubble is gonna say well we need a street address for Payoneer and Payoneer
does not have a street address anywhere on here you can’t find it but I figure
it out if you’ve actually emailed Payoneer they will send you the street
address and us a street address so that you can actually give that address to
red bubble and when you do that they can make all the payments there you kind of
hacked the system so that way no matter where you are in the world you can
actually use Payoneer because Daniel pretty much works anywhere in the world
the only hack is that you know we have to have an address and they will
send you the address if you email for it so that way you can use it on RedBubble
and sell all your products there now the next site I want to tell you about
number two is skill share still shares an amazing site and any skills that you
have you can actually make a course and put it on there I mean anybody can make
a class and put it on Skillshare its super easy to do all I mean you just
need a phone you don’t have to have fancy camera equipping you have to
anything so let’s go over to skill share real quick and let’s check it out now
the way Skillshare works is people will pay and let’s click on this button here
they’ll pay a fee let’s say $15 a month to join and then they get access to all
these courses on here and the way you’re gonna get paid is that when you let me
go ahead and log in real quick okay so once you log in here you can type in
anything you want but to put it in Photoshop and then I can see what
courses are available there then you see all these different Photoshop courses
here this guy here’s got 21,000 students as well and he’s got 6,000 that’s the
same guy it looks like where else needs both these guys my funny glasses so
there’s all kinds of different courses in here we’ll pick this particular one
here this is Adobe Photoshop and as you go through this course you know it’s
gonna log minutes and as it logs minutes the creators of these courses actually
get paid money based on how many minutes of their courses were watched and let me
go back I’m gonna pick something else I’ll pick gardening right now so we have
a different subject that’s there we go okay
so we’ll go to this one here it’s only has 23 students and I wanted to pick one
that has a low amount of students so I could see the quality of the actual
videos they put in here so let’s go ahead and go in here
okay the beginning one I can watch I can’t watch the next one unless I pay so
let’s go ahead now as you see this particular one it looks like it’s just a
bunch of pictures so somebody’s made an entire course here when taking pictures
of stuff narrating over it then calling it a course now if you notice this is a
four minute video six minute four minutes three minutes seven minute so
there’s only five lessons here is total 26 minutes anybody can do this anybody
can do this anybody make a course on Skillshare and put it on there and you
could be making money okay if you’ve got a cellphone you know you could do this
you can take pictures right now this person here took pictures
most of these are videos this particular one is that let me see if any of the
other ones here I can see it as a video okay so this is a video and this looks
like a pretty good quality one here it’s got some junk cut so they’re showing you
know how to do gardening and all that so you know that’s that’s a one minute
video the intro one the Hinch ones only one minute
the other ones are zone here’s like 23 seconds so they didn’t put a whole lot
of time into this so you know the people that make courses on here can make a lot
of money depending on how many people watch the course how many want a much
watch time they actually get on the course now it actually says on their
site that first time teachers can make anywhere between three hundred and three
thousand dollars their very first month now three thousand dollars can be a
life-changing thing to some people but you know imagine you’re only making 500
bucks on a course online that’s recurring income so it’s 500
hours every month it’s that five hundred dollars one time now imagine if you had
two courses you’re a thousand dollars or you know if you you had ten courses on
there at five hundred down up to five thousand dollars that is a job replacing
income by doing ten short courses on Skillshare now we don’t guarantee you’re
gonna make exactly that amount of money I don’t know how much you’re gonna make
on there but the point is you can make money on there and you can do it from
anywhere in the world okay number three is you to me I want to take you over
there right now let’s take a look at this site see how it works it’s very
similar to Skillshare but it’s a little bit different in as much as you actually
sell your courses people don’t pay access to get you know accessing the
entire site and all the courses they have to buy the individual courses so
you don’t want to have a little bit better quality course on there let’s
check it out and see what we find okay I’m here at you to me right now
and I typed in gardening so these are some of the courses we got here and
let’s check out some other ones that pop up this person here has sold seven well
they’ve got you know 763 ratings we don’t have any courses they actually
sold but probably a whole lot more than that at $24.99
and they’re gonna pay you a commission based on what you sold on this
particular site but you will notice most of these courses on here very cheap
eleven dollars ten dollars whatever here’s a course for a dollar okay so
they get some pretty cheap courses but let’s look at the quality of one of
these and just see what we have this one here has thirty seven lectures in here
and I think we can see part of one of these so this is going into yoga let’s
get off that one there that’s the other thing about putting your course on many
sites like this you’re gonna get marketed to other courses so you know
you don’t have that control over it it does say that there were fifteen hundred
students enrolled at $11.99 so you can do the math on that one and you can see
what they do and then it tells you right here what the course includes so all you
really need is a decent camera and most phones have a decent camera and you
could be selling on udemy now up on the screen right now I’m gonna put the
actual number of courses and percent of total udemy courses so you can kind of
see what the earnings are at ten dollars per enrollment so they use ten dollars
as an example here you can see if you had an enrollment range of let’s say a
thousand people ten dollars per and your earnings at $10 per would be anywhere
from five thousand to twenty five thousand dollars which you know that’s
pretty good you’re gonna get these percentages of the courses here
depending upon the total udemy courses there are that particular subjects so
you know if you have fifty thousand right here and there’s sixty seven
courses like that and you’re gonna get thirteen percent or 250,000 to 500,000
dollars so a lot of money can be made on these courses but you may be saying to
me junior I don’t I don’t have any skills I can’t do anything there’s
nothing I can do I don’t know anything been wanting something I mean really
it’s not easy you know if you can you know go to youtube and watch some
tutorial videos and watch enough of them you could learn a subject and once you
learn a subject you can get your phone and you can record yourself and you
could do a PowerPoint slide you could put pictures up there like that want to
show you one skills share where they didn’t even record any video then it
showed pictures and talked over it so you could even do that and then you say
well Jo I’m so worried about you know how I sound and I sound different and
you know people are gonna make fun of me you know it I said well I’ll tell you
this if you’re a little bit different if your voice sounds a little bit different
if it’s not as normal as everybody else’s is your courses will actually
sell better I know I know it sounds crazy but they do I know a girl in New
Zealand and she has a little bit of a speech effect and she’s blown up online
she’s done great because of that difference in speech and you sound like
everybody else is boring like I kind of sound like everybody else I am kind of a
regular voice so don’t let that worry you that’s probably to your advantage
that you sound a little bit different yeah you may say well I kind of know how
to do Photoshop but you know you got to pay for Photoshop and so I can’t do any
Photoshop videos yes you can matter of fact Photoshop actually has a
seven day free trial so go sign up for it and work really hard for seven days
and do some Photoshop tutorials and you’ll have them done and it didn’t cost
you anything didn’t you may say to me wait a second
Junior I can’t do that because I don’t have the software for screen recording
you know I don’t if I can’t record my screen and of course I can’t do these
videos yes you can you can use OBS studios you can look it up OBS Studios
it’s a free screen recording software and if you use OBS you can go ahead and
do all the screen recording you want then you say but wait clear you don’t
understand I don’t have the right microphone like my microphone won’t be
good on my computer and can’t use it you have a phone right
phones nowadays have incredible audio on them you could turn that on and record
your audio track on this right and then you have it for your training there’s
really no excuses for this you can actually do this okay
so the next thing you could do to make money number four would be to use
affiliate programs now affiliate programs are great because they’re gonna
pay you you don’t have to deliver anything you don’t to create anything so
let’s say you have a blog let’s say you’re doing some videos on YouTube or
whatever you can actually review products from Amazon on YouTube and in
the description area down there you just put a link to Amazon and you’re not
gonna get paid a really super high percentage but it’s money it’s more
money than you would have if you didn’t do something so you can do that you can
find other products that have affiliate offers and do it that way there’s so
many companies that have affiliate offers out there right now and you could
do a review of that product put it on YouTube and start making money on it
number five is Shutterstock now let’s run over to Shutterstock real quick and
I want to show you how you can make some money on it okay
Here I am it’s Shutterstock right now and if you notice it’s divided into
videos editorial music elements tools images so let’s go with images right
here will go home of images and you can see that you can get ten images for the
annual plan or $2 nice and swear all these images come from where all these
videos come from well here all these sounds come from they come from people
uploading them to shutterstock and getting paid a commission so you can
actually do that so let’s search nice house nice house something really simple
and let’s see what’s in here hey there you go people have gone out
and taken these 4k pictures now I will say on something like shutterstock you
do want to try to take 4k pitch you’ll get more money for them so if you
have a higher quality picture you’re going to get paid more or in
Shutterstock now the question is does anybody really buy any pictures on the
shutter stocks they really buy videos of course they do they need this stuff and
it’s a whole lot easier to go there and pay a few bucks than to get in your car
and drive to the park to take pictures of trees it’s a whole lot easier to sit
at your desk and pay five or ten bucks and get what you want right there now
you understand because there’s millions of people that access these sites
millions and millions of people so the more pictures you upload the more videos
you upload the more money you can make on one of these sites and I know I’ve
bought pictures on a lot of these sites and I have a subscription of video
blocks which is another one I didn’t even mention but there’s so many sites
out there like this but that shutter stocks a great one to start with and you
can be making money every single month and I use video blogs every single month
I pull stuff out of there I use it for my videos I’ll probably use it when I
edit some of these videos here so people do pay for this stuff and yes you can
make money doing it now the next site I want to show you number six is merged by
Amazon so let’s go over there real quick and I’m going to show you merge my
Amazon and how you can make money there okay I’m over here it merged by Amazon
and this operates a whole lot like these print-on-demand companies and it is a
print-on-demand company because basically all you do it’s right here in
the center you upload your artwork you set a list price they print what’s sold
and then you get a commission and it’s really that easy and you can see you can
do t-shirts you can do mugs and you can see some of the companies that use it
Disney and but don’t swim and marble a dr.

10 websites to make money online for free in 2020 (no credit card required!) pexels photo 69866

Seuss and Universal and the
advantage to this is you don’t really have to drive anybody to the site
because Amazon is already a destination site Amazon is like eBay which is a
destination site there’s already people going there
they’re already searching for these particular products now the cool thing
is that you don’t have to spend money on average
that you don’t have to have any money for investment but you don’t have to pay
for a membership or anything to join Murch by amazon now the downside to
mercs by Amazon is that if they are buying your products there the suggested
products are going to be from other people they’re not going to be
suggesting your products so keep in mind you’re getting the advantage of that and
keep in mind also that you’re going to get a lower commission because they are
having to pay for all the advertising they set up the platform all you do is
upload an image and make a product that’s actually online it’s a virtual
product but they’re gonna ship it out for you if they’re gonna send it out and
you do all that stuff for you and you can make money immediately on merch buy
Hamazon so that’s our next one okay the next site I want to tell you about this
fiver five or five or five is a great site and it kind of got a bad rap
because anybody thinks well I want to work on a site we only make five dollars
but that’s really not what it’s about there are gigs on there for five dollars
but there’s also gigs on there for five hundred dollars so it’s just a good
starting point so let’s run over there real quick and I want to show you what
it looks like okay so here we are at Fiverr right now and let’s try logos and
just see what we get here and see what pops up so we’ve got all these people
here creating logos so if you’ve got some artwork skill something along those
lines you could actually go in here and charge for logos like this guy here
starting at $45 and these these are minimalist business logos let’s take a
look and see what he’s got and you can see these are just you know something
it’s really just a font on a background right here
and he’s doing these logos right here for $45 and then he’s got packages down
here and if you notice you can go up to 160 dollars for the premium package and
he shows you what you get for that and he’s probably using a logo creating
software or a logo creating site that he’s paying half the price for and then
selling this service on Fiverr because people don’t know that they can just go
online and create their own logos so that’s one thing you can do but there’s
all kinds of things maybe you write content maybe you write copy
you know maybe you do data entry all of that and let me just put data entry in
here if you want really low-level items that anybody can do anybody can you know
type stuff into a keyboard I mean I can’t even tell you like it type stuff
into a keyboard and here’s data entry right here and this particular one
starts at $20 he will work two hours a week
formatting cleanup graph or table creation wherever you want for $20 so
you know he’s obviously working for 10 bucks an hour but there are different
levels if you compare packages here he’s got his $50 premium which is six hours
and he gives you a little bit of a discount now that’s nine ten bucks an
hour which is not much money but there’s people out there driving uber for you
know eight or ten dollars an hour then they have to drive their own car around
they have to buy gas they have to leave their home you know you could sit on
your couch and do this and he’s a low-level person but there’s people at
$20 an hour $50 an hour there’s things you could do on here to generate money
the next site I want to tell you about which is number eight is text broker oh
my god text broker is amazing oh yeah just right if you’re gonna write and
spell you can make money on text broker now most people and it’s run over text
broker real quick okay here we are text broker now most people who come along to
texpro inquiry if they have you know if their native language is English they’re
gonna rank at about a four star okay so a four stars pretty darn good and I
think that’s gonna earn you roughly fifteen to twenty dollars an hour
depending on how fast you write but with a little bit of expertise a little bit
of work you can work your way up to only the right content here let’s see here
let’s take a look you can work your way up to five stars five stars gonna pay
about $50 an hour $50 an hour pretty darn good money you know if you work you
know six hours a day six times five that’s $300 a day some people work an
entire week and not make that amount of money so you can see in here they have a
free author registration you can see the people that use it no staples eBay all
these companies are using texe broker and then it shows you the
different levels here that five-star you’re getting five cents a word that’s
pretty darn good and if you’re a fast typist you can you could crush it here
you could make a lot of money now it’s not getting rich it’s not making
millions of dollars a year but it can be a job replacing income for you if you
don’t have another way to make money this is a great way to start okay number
nine is freelancer comm freelancer is very similar to Fiverr but let’s run
over there and take a look at it real quick okay here we are at freelancer
comm and they tell you how it works here you can also browse jobs if you’re
looking for jobs so you can actually go in here and find a job you want this
particular one here have must have knowledge of whatever you put it
whatever your knowledge is so let’s put in a keyword in here I will put
Photoshop look I’ve got Photoshop in there online
job and you can see that a logo for kitchen purposes six days left on this
they’re paid $23 an hour on that job looking for Adobe Photoshop expert $92
on that job seeing architectural elements if you’re
into that type stuff 185 bucks – all over the place there’s one for $13 an
hour if you want to do data entry simple banner designs $88 $149 for social media
advertising designer I mean there’s just all kinds of jobs in here it doesn’t
matter what your skills are if you know anything at all and like I said if you
don’t know anything at all which that’s pretty rare that nobody knows anything
but you can go to youtube and learn anything for free you can just go to
youtube and watch the videos so let’s go on to number 10 in our last one and that
is upwork.com so let’s run over there real quick okay I’m here at upwork.com
right now and you can see mobile development web development design
writing let’s just click on writing since we’re on that theme right now and
kind of see what people are looking for short term tasks reoccurring projects
full-time work now right in here you can see what people are charging this person
in charge is $40 an hour $60 an hour and this person here if you look at this
look at what they’re writing public relations travel and website analytics
okay those are her skills at $60 an hour this
one here is an academic writer she’ll do research for you it looks like she’s in
Minneapolis this person here check this out Instagram Facebook and social media
marketing a hundred and twenty five dollars an hour guys a hundred and
twenty-five dollars an hour you know people are struggling out there to get
$15 an hour you know working in some fast-food joint
and you can go online and not even leave your house and make a hundred and
twenty-five dollars an hour now granted she’s probably pretty good at what she
does but the way she got good I’m gonna give you the big secret about this is
she did something that’s how you get good at things
do something and if you actually do something and you do it enough times and
you try it hard enough guess what you get better at it and the
better you get at it that’s what people pay you more money so that’s something
to consider too and that’s number ten okay so there’s ten simple easy ways you
can make money no matter where in the world you are you can make money doing
this stuff guys I can’t impress this appointee enough so if you think you’re
at a disadvantage if you think you can’t do these things you think you’re in the
wrong country you think because you got out a certain thing none of that is true
none of that is true you can actually make money online I spend a lot of time
researching this so take advantage of it go out there and make some money then
you make some money on one of these sites you can invest it your own
business you can invest in e-commerce whatever you want which reminds me
don’t forget below there is a link to my $97
ecommerce course you can get absolutely free doesn’t cost you a dime just click
on the link it’s kind of like all these things I just told you about it’s free
click on it and learn and you could learn how to do something commerce now
also don’t forget if you haven’t subscribed already hit that subscribe
button below that’s so very important you got to do that hit the bell
notifications next to the subscribe button there
don’t forget turn on all notifications it’ll make you part of the Fisher family
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hear your comments below have you visited any of these sites and you tried
any of these things what have you done to make money online not what have you
heard about what have you actually done if you have questions about how to do
any of these things also put those questions in the comments below I’d love
to get your questions thank you so much for listening this video and I’ll see
you in the next one hey thanks for watching my video don’t
forget to subscribe to my channel and be notified every time I do a new video
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